We are a client focused company and consequently ensure that you will always be able to talk to someone regardless of the time of day or night. This is because we understand that IT systems often underpin your business and it is therefore of vital importance to resolve any problems as soon as possible.

Whilst we have an automated and structured process in place to ensure all support calls are logged and ticketed, we also keep a personal touch at the forefront of our concerns, with the customer always being in our mind.

This is driven in part due to our being a small company ourselves. As a result, we understand the needs of small to medium sized businesses far better than a faceless corporation ever could.

We also offer consultancy services in relation to the improvement of your IT infrastructure. We can ensure that as your business grows your IT has the capability to grow with you. We will provide you with advice suited to you and your current or future needs. Unlike some providers, we understand that a business does not always require the latest technology. Often a simple upgrade could allow your systems to work far better than in their existing state, but at minimal cost and disruption to your business.

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Director: Louise Eccles
Microsoft Certified Professional: Julian Wilkinson

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